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Hi! I did a few (hundred) screencaps of Sean on Scrubs (episode 1.07), if anyone's interested. Sorry that there aren't many captions - I'm working on a very limited timescale (new episode of Will & Grace starts in fifteen minutes, I can't miss it!). I've tried to outline the basic plot for anyone who's not seen the episode, but I'm afraid I had to miss a lot of stuff out.

Anyway, on with the screenies:

Even though the outtake reel is only three and a half minutes long and he was only in one episode, Sean made it onto there anyway. It's true - he's so gorgeous, even he can't concentrate on his lines sometimes ^_^

The dramatic entrance...

The dazzling smile...

Is the look on JD's face priceless or what?

How can JD look so pissed off with Sean's arm around him? O_o

Nick (Sean) helping JD to kill him. Don't worry, though - it's all in JD's head.

More strangulation fantasies.

For a straight guy, JD seems to have a lot of fantasies involving Nick and/or Dr. Cox...

Okay, this is where Angsty!Sean makes his appearance...

Nick's just found out that the kid he's been looking after is going to die :(

JD and Elliot find him...

The screen goes irritatingly dark and the screencaps don't show up so well *grr*...

Nick can't take the stress of telling the boy's family.

Aw! I just wanna hug him!

And (just to end on a more cheerful note) - our boy and his credit ^_^

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