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Rules and Info--Mod Post

Rules and Info

Since me and yakura are the Mods, we run the show. That's rule number one. We're very nice and lenient, but there are certain things that we will not tolerate. here's a list of rules and misc. info, in case you were wondering.

[x] To join, click the button where it says to join in the user info. Your request will be e-mailed to the mods, and we will either accept or reject you. 99.9% of the time, you will be accepted.

[x] --Absolutely NO FLAMING-- If there are ANY posts where you insult a member, for whatever reason, it WILL be deleted and you WILL be banned. No warnings, no exceptions. I don't want any fights here, especially those that consist of who loves Sean the most. Because we all know that me and yakura share him. KTHXBI.

[x] No nudity, please. If you have anything you need to share with nudity in it, e-mail it, don't post it. No one wants to see that, really. We want a clean community.

[x] Put any large pictures under an lj-cut. If you don't know how, see the LJ FAQ. Same goes for large numbers of icons. I like my friends page nice and small, thank you. ^_^

[x] Anything having to do with Sean is welcome here. Anything off-topic will be deleted. No promoting your communities also. Unless they have to do with Sean, no one wants to see it.

[x] And most importantly, HAVE FUN. Everyone here is very nice. We swear, we don't bite unless you ask nicely.
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